Master of Disaster

If you want to become a "Master of Disaster", you've come to the right place!

Here, teachers and parents can access learning resources, supporting documents and a multimedia library to help children and students learn about hazards in British Columbia and what it means to get - and be - prepared.

These resources were developed in consultation with a working group made up of public, independent and First Nation school teachers from across the province, emergency program coordinators, parent advisory council members, school administrators, librarians, academic researchers and the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Master of Disaster Modules

Master of Disaster is taught in three modules, each building upon the one previous. Each module provides suggestions of how to achieve the outlined learning outcomes and suggested activities to help students grasp the concepts. 

Once all three modules are complete, you will officially be a "Master of Disaster" and can print off your very own certificate of completion!

Module 1: Personal preparedness: know the risks, make a kit

Module 2: Prepare your household: make a plan 

Module 3: In it together: neighbourhood and community preparedness

Master of Disaster certificate of completion.

Master of Disaster learning resources and supporting documents are also available in French

Key Concepts and Definitions

Earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and wildfires are just some of the potential hazards in B.C. Familiarize yourself with the ones that could occur in your community to create a regional approach to learning about hazards in the classroom.

Key Concepts

Click here to access background information on the key concepts and hazards discussed in the three modules. 


You may also want to familiarize yourself with definitions you should know during an emergency. Knowing the difference between an evacuation alert and order can save a lot of stress when faced with a disaster. Equipped with this knowledge, students in your class can teach their families and friends how to understand emergency communications.

Multimedia Resources

The multimedia resource library provides additional support with links to articles, video and audio clips, books and more about historical disasters and preparedness tips. All multimedia provided is publicly available, but should be reviewed before showing to students.

The multimedia resource library is currently only available in English.