Ready for Camping, Ready for Emergencies

It’s summer. I’m lazy, you’re lazy, we’re all lazy.

When the skies are blue and temps sizzling, it’s tough to get excited about emergency preparedness. So this one’s going to be short, sweet and ridiculously easy.

If you’re camping this summer, you're more than half way to being prepared for an emergency. Flashlights, batteries, first-aid kits, water containers -- these typical camping supplies can be easily parlayed into a family emergency kit.

When summer’s over, put the essentials in secure plastic tubs and voila. Only thing left is to augment with a proper water supply, radio, etc. For the full pull of what you need, check out the PreparedBC Emergency Kit Card and Household Preparedness Guide (PDF, 1.91MB)

For the other stuff — tents, sleeping bags, foamies, camp stoves — clearly you can’t keep it all out. (At least not in my little Whoville house with its little Whoville garage.) But what you can do is keep an abbreviated stash in an easily accessible spot. I keep our tent, three sleeping bags, Coleman stove and propane canisters at the front of the garage where they can be grabbed in a hurry. This covers off the possibility of having to evacuate our home.

There you have it. Done and done.