Meet Emergency Mommy

The Zen of Preparedness

Before having my daughter, I didn’t give emergency preparedness much thought. I figured you could ride out any disaster with salty snacks, Scrabble and red wine.
But motherhood changed everything (hormones are amazing, no?), and I’ve since become an enthusiastic emergency planner. I know what you’re thinking: “How depressing to ruminate about disasters and their catastrophic outcomes." Actually, the opposite is true.

Much to my surprise, preparedness has been good for my mental health. Knowing my family has a shot at weathering the worst has given me peace of mind. I call it the Zen of readiness – and hey, what mom couldn’t use a little more Zen in her life?

That brings me to why I'm here. Emergency Mommy is my shot at hopefully inspiring other families to get ready by sharing my own preparedness victories and gaffs. I promise not to get all preachy or make you feel guilty. The whole point of this series is to provide realistic and common sense preparedness tips that fit in with family life.

Watch for new entries on @PreparedBC or keep checking back periodically. You can also flag me down by tweeting to @PreparedBC using the hashtag #EmergencyMommy. The aim is to spark conversation about preparedness and I know there's a lot of wisdom out there.

In the meantime, keep reading for a bit more info about me, along with a few preparedness resources to get you started.

Who did you say you were?

My name is Jennifer McLarty. I’m a Victoria mom, recovering news reporter, member of the Emergency Management BC Social Media Unit and yes, obsessive emergency planner.

The inspiration for this series is my seven-year-old daughter, who for the first time in my life forced me to consider emergency preparedness beyond making sure there are always chips in the house.

My home is also shared with an incredibly patient husband and a betta fish named Wave. (Yes he has an emergency kit too.)

Posts are based on my personal experiences -- the good the bad and the ugly. I hope you'll join me as I attempt to plan for disasters while juggling the emergencies of every day life.

Ready, set, prepare