Emergency Program Self-assessment

In order to determine future emergency management activities to be undertaken by the emergency program, a local government should understand their current capacity and capabilities. The Community Emergency Program Review (CEPR) is a web-based self-assessment tool designed for local authority emergency programs to assist a community in determining its capacity to respond to and recover from emergencies. The CEPR describes three levels of preparedness: essential, enhanced, and comprehensive, in each of the following categories:

  1. Emergency Program and Legislated Requirements
  2. Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Analysis
  3. Risk Mitigation
  4. Preparedness
  5. Response
  6. Recovery
  7. Program Evaluation

Completing a CEPR provides the emergency program with a benchmark for measuring and tracking progress and determines the activities needed to enhance the local government’s response capacity and reduce risk to its residents. It is an excellent way to monitor performance, gain support and keep stakeholders informed.

CEPR tool (use with Internet Explorer)