Emergency Management Planning Toolkit for Local Authorities and First Nations

The Emergency Management Planning Toolkit for Local Authorities and First Nations is a self-guided emergency planning toolkit to support communities who are creating or updating their all-hazard emergency management plan. An all-hazard emergency management plan describes clearly how people, property, and the environment will be protected in an emergency and provides a road map of actions that will be taken when an emergency occurs.

Planning Toolkit for Local Authorities & First Nations

The toolkit is written to be comprehensive and user-friendly while allowing communities – rural or urban, small to large, to adapt their planning process to suit unique emergency management needs and capacities. It includes:

Planning Guide

  • The step-by-step Planning Guide provides a flexible, adaptable resource for developing an all-hazard emergency management plan.
  • An all-hazard emergency management plan provides the following:
    • An overview of your community’s emergency response and recovery organization
    • Describes the hazards that the plan intends to address
    • Establishes the overall authority for conducting emergency management activities
    • Assigns roles and responsibilities for emergency planning and operations 

Planning Guide (PDF, 1 MB)

Local Emergency Management Plan template

  • The Local Emergency Management Plan Template provides a pre-formatted structure that can be used to write a local all-hazard emergency management plan.
  • It is adaptable and scalable to the unique needs of each community.
  • It is also designed to be easy to update as key contact information, local governance structures, and key partnerships change over time

Plan Template (DOC, 512 KB)  Plan Appendix: Pandemics (DOC, 164 KB)

Companion Documents to the Planning Toolkit

The Planning Process Checklist is a printable checklist to track your planning process. It lists the ten steps of developing an emergency management plan, as described in the Planning Guide found above. It is in Word format so that you can add, delete or edit tasks as you customize the planning process to meet your community needs.

 Planning Checklist ​(DOC, 105 KB)

The Partner Engagement List identifies potential internal and external emergency management partners who may have a role in the planning process or the emergency plan itself. You can expand and adapt this list or create your own. 

Partner Engagement List (DOC, 106KB)

Emergency Operations Centre Communications Toolkit

The Emergency Operations Centre Communications Toolkit is a comprehensive guide to help local authorities build trust and connect with the public during an emergency.

The Toolkit includes tips and advice on:

  • The Public Information Officer role
  • Identifying a spokesperson
  • Media relations
  • Effective public engagement
  • And Social Media management

Communications Guide (PDF, 2 MB)

Contact Us

While this Toolkit is designed to be self-guided, please contact your Regional EMBC office if you have any questions about emergency planning or the Toolkit itself.

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