Local Emergency Program Guidelines

Quick Reference: Emergency Management in B.C.

This guide is intended for those who exercise responsibilities in the areas of emergency management and public safety, whether in the public or private sectors. Its purpose is to provide a quick reference for use throughout the year with specific emphasis on immediate actions and where to find information.

Declaring a State of Local Emergency in B.C.

Declaring a state of local emergency enables local authorities in the Province of British Columbia to exercise the emergency powers listed in the Emergency Program Act. Local authority emergency program staff and elected officials must be prepared to declare a state of local emergency in response to an emergency or disaster at a moment's notice.This document provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and provides recommendations about how to issue a declaration by order.

Emergency Operations Centre Operational Guidelines

These guidelines are intended for use by members of an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in the event of a major emergency.

Evacuation Guidelines

Evacuation is a risk management strategy that may be used to mitigate the effects of an emergency on a community.  It involves the movement of people away from an immediate or perceived threat to life and safety.  Depending on the nature and scope of the event, evacuations may be limited to a single building or group of buildings, or affect a large area such as a whole community.  These guidelines outline considerations and recommendations for Local Authorities and First Nations when planning and executing evacuations.

Community Re-entry Guidelines

This guide is designed to support Local Authorities and First Nations in making a decision regarding the timing of lifting an evacuation order and allowing residents to return to their homes. It provides guidance and planning considerations in making this decision and some items to consider shortly after re-entry. The word document provides a narrative to accompany the excel spreadsheet.

British Columbia Major Planned Events Guidelines

The Major Planned Event Guidelines have been created to assist local authorities and event organizers to plan safe and successful special events. Special events are important to B.C.; they help drive local economies, give residents exposure to their favourite artists and athletes, and allow communities to gather and celebrate together. These guidelines are designed to provide relevant information and considerations to local authorities, communities, event organizers, emergency managers, provincial representatives, and any other groups involved in planning special events. 

Financial Assistance for Emergency Response and Recovery Costs: A Guide for Local Authorities and First Nations

This guide provides local authorities and First Nations in British Columbia with information on the procedures required to maximize claims for financial assistance with the costs of both response and recovery.

Disaster Recovery Guide

This guide focuses on the economic and psycho-social recovery of small and medium sized communities, and will assist individual communities in the development of recovery plans specific to their needs.