Emergency Support Services Modernization

The B.C. government is updating the provincial Emergency Support Services (ESS) program through a project that is digitizing and modernizing ESS delivery. The ESS Modernization Project includes updates to branding, legislation, policies, processes, training and development of the online Evacuee Registration and Assistance (ERA) tool.

Modernizing the ESS program will ensure timely access to supports and services for those who need help during a disaster. It will also provide better support to ESS teams who dedicate their time and resources to helping create a more resilient B.C.

Evacuee Registration & Assistance (ERA) Tool

ERA is an online tool created to improve the overall delivery of ESS for all user groups including evacuees, responders, suppliers and government staff.

Visit the About ERA page for more information on:

  • Who should use the tool
  • Onboarding
  • Users & Superusers
  • Technical Support

We acknowledge that the ERA tool may not be accessible to everyone, so we will continue to support the ESS paper forms for those who do not use the ERA tool, or in the instance of a power outage or other connectivity disruption. 

ERA Tool ESS Paper Forms

ESS Training

Many ESS courses are currently postponed due to COVID-19. We continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates as available to communities where EMBC sponsored courses were affected. Important updates are on the ESS Training page.

ERA Interactive Learning Sessions are now available for First Nation and Local Government ESS Leadership. The training schedule and registration details are on the ERA Training page.

We are delivering webinars focused on the ESS Program. Past-recordings of webinars are listed on the Emergency Management Webinars page.

ESS Branding

Part of the ESS Modernization Project is the re-branding strategy that began when the program was officially renamed in April 2019.

The new program name, logo and vision statement are intended to better reflect the needs and supports delivered by the program. The latest branding information is on the Guides & Manuals page under Branding Guide.

Updated Policies

Several ESS policies and guidance documents were adapted to support the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes to standard program policies and guidelines are continually being reviewed and updated. These guidelines and recommendations can be found on the Guides & Manuals page under COVID-19 Guidance for ESS Responders. 

To inform suppliers of changes, First Nation and Local Governments can send the latest ESS Supplier Letter (PDF). The latest letter includes instructions on how ESS suppliers can submit invoices and receipts online.

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