Emergency Operation Centre forms and templates

The following forms and templates are for use by local authority Emergency Operation Centres (EOCs) during emergency response and recovery.

For guidelines related to Emergency Operation Centres, Declaring a State of Local Emergency, financial claims and evacuations visit the guidelines page.

Form/Template Format
State of Local Emergency
State of Local Emergency Declaration Template DOCX PDF  
State of Local Emergency Authorization Matrix Form DOCX PDF  
State of Local Emergency Extension Form  DOCX PDF  
State of Local Emergency Cancellation Order Form DOCX PDF  
Evacuation/Shelter in Place & Temporary Access
Evacuation Templates - Alert, Order, Rescind - English DOCX    
     Evacuation Template - Chinese DOCX    
     Evacuation Template - Filipino DOCX    
     Evacuation Template - Korean DOCX    
     Evacuation Template - Punjabi   PDF  
Evacuation Template - Notification Recording Procedures  DOCX    
Evacuation Template - Notification Tracking Log  DOCX    
Evacuation Template - Shelter in Place Order DOCX    
Evacuation Template - Temporary Access Permit DOCX    
Evacuation Template - Temporary Pass-Through Permit DOCX    
Evacuation - Temporary Access into Evacuated Areas Master List DOCX    
Evacuation - Temporary Access Checkpoint One-Pager DOCX    
Evacuation Template - Extraordinary Evacuee Authorization Form DOCX    
Emergency Operation Centre Section & Function Forms
Position Log DOCX PDF  
Radio Communications Log (509) DOCX PDF  
Section/Function Status Report DOCX PDF  
Media/Public Information
Media Conference Attendance Record (424) DOCX PDF  
Media Tracking Report (423) DOCX PDF  
Planning & Operations
Action Plan DOCX PDF  
Incident Report DOCX PDF  
Situation Report DOCX PDF  
Task Registration Form (501)    PDF  
Emergency Support Services
Emergency Support Services Situation Report (418) DOCX PDF  
Check-In/Check-Out (511) DOCX PDF  
Facility/Equipment Inventory (523) DOCX PDF  
Shift Schedule (503) DOCX PDF  
Staff Food and Lodging (508) DOCX PDF  
Payroll Reconciliation Spreadsheet     XLSX
Expenditure Authorization Form DOCX PDF  
Expenditures — Event Totals (534) DOCX PDF  
Resource Request DOCX PDF  
Response Claim Submission     XLSX
Community Recovery
Community Recovery Capacity and Needs Assessment Form   PDF