Local Assistant to the Fire Commissioner (LAFC) Online Introductory Course

The Office of the Fire Commissioner offers the Local Assistant to the Fire Commissioner (LAFC) Introductory Course online to the Fire Service.

This course is available to fire service staff at no cost.

The LAFC Introductory Course was created to fulfill the following course objectives:

  • To give all new LAFC a basic understanding of their responsibilities as designates of the Fire Commissioner, and the authority the designation provides
  • For current LAFC who have never taken an LAFC Introductory Course

*Completing this course does not mean that you will automatically become an LAFC. If you are interested in becoming an LAFC, please refer to Part I, Section 6 of the Fire Services Act, and speak to the OFC Fire Service Advisor in your area.

The OFC will keep a database of those who successfully complete this course, and a certificate of completion will be issued to the successful participants. The course includes a survey for each participant; we encourage your feedback so that we can maximize the benefit of this service.

Please see the OFC Calendar of Events for scheduled courses and contact the Office of the Fire Commissioner to register for the next session.