Fire Safety Training

British Columbia Fire Service Training Standards

The Structure Firefighters Competency and Training Playbook (May 2015) sets requirements based upon the service level identified by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for the provision of fire services in each community. The standard references competencies drawn from the National Fire Protection Association Standards.

Fire Departments and AHJs should refer to the “Playbook” to determine the specific requirements for their community. Click here to request training materials.

Questions should be directed to the Office of the Fire Commissioner, or visit the Playbook question and answers page.

Local Assistant to the Fire Commissioner (LAFC) Introductory Course

This online course is available to fire service staff at no cost. Read more here.

Basic Fundamentals of Inspections

Basic Inspections Presentation (PPT, 17MB)
Regular System of Inspections - Guide (PDF)


Instructor’s Guide (PDF, 136MB)
Participant's Handbook (PDF, 163MB)
Inspection Procedure Guide (PDF)
LAFC Inspection Basics (PDF)
LAFC Inspection Process (PDF)
LAFC Review & Inspect Flowchart (PDF)


Emergency Lighting and Exit Sign Inspection Checklist (Sample) (PDF)
Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist (Sample) (PDF)
Fire Safety Plan Inspection Review Checklist (PDF)
Fire Safety Plan Review Checklist (PDF)
Inspection Checklist (PDF)
Inspection Testing and Maintenance of Fire Alarm System Checklist (Sample) (PDF)
LAFC Fire Hazards Identification Checklist (PDF)
LAFC Fire Hazards Identification Checklist (WHMIS) (PDF)

Fire Safety Plan

Although the Office of the Fire Commissioner has published Fire Safety Plan Bulletins, the Fire Prevention Officers’ Association of British Columbia (FPOABC) website provides an example of a format that may provide useful information that will help you when developing your fire safety plan in cooperation with the local fire department. Although the Office of the Fire Commissioner is not responsible for the content on non-government websites, the link to the FPOABC fire safety plan documentation is provided.