Fire Prevention Information & Education Resources

No matter how old you are or where you live, fire prevention is important. Learn what you can do to prevent fires, what to do if a fire starts, how to avoid injuries and how to stay safe. Information and resources here are available to use in your community, school or home.

Fire & Life Safety Messaging & Toolkits

The fire and life safety messages on the Messaging & Toolkits page are up-to-date, timely and useful for educators and teachers to share when speaking about fire prevention topics, or for anyone who wants to learn more about staying safe from fire.

Events & Campaigns 

Ready-made event and campaign toolkits are available online. Use these resources to host a fire prevention event in your community.

The 2019 Fire Prevention Week theme was Not Every Hero Wears a Cape. Plan & Practise Your Escape!™ During Fire Prevention Week, firefighters, teachers and safety educators use the resources provided by the Office of the Fire Commissioner to provide their communities with lifesaving information.

November 1 to 7 is Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week in B.C. The Office of the Fire Commissioner has created online and printed resources to make it easier for fire departments and fire and life safety educators to host a campaign in their community during Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, or at any time of year.

Closed doors can reduce fire growth, limit damage to a home, keep temperatures down, and save lives. The Close Before You Doze campaign was developed by the UL Firefighters Safety Research Institute and includes free teaching and education resources to increase awareness in your community, school or home.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has created a variety of toolkits to help public safety educators conduct successful community education campaigns. Toolkits cover heating, cooking, smoke alarms, escape planning, electrical, carbon monoxide alarms and emergency planning.

Does your department have a fire prevention event coming up? Submit an application package to borrow the Sparky® the Fire Dog costume.

®The name and image of Sparky and the title Sparky the Fire Dog, are registered trademarks of the National Fire Protection Association, Quincy, MA 02169.



Children & Youth Fire Safety

Children are at increased risk for serious fire and burn injuries, and even death. Most incidents happen in the home and are preventable, so use the following safety messages, curriculum and resources to help teach the children and youth in your community, home or school about the importance of being safe around fire.​