Legislation, Regulations & Codes


The Office of the Fire Commissioner administers the Fire Services Act. Under this legislation, the function of the Office is established, which includes

  • Local Assistants to the Fire Commissioner appointments
  • fire safety and prevention requirements
  • the Order and Appeal process
  • Adoption of the model National Fire Code into Provincial Regulation 


British Columbia Fire Code

The BC Fire Code contains a set of minimum requirements for providing an acceptable level of fire safety in a community. It adopts the model National Fire Code with elements specific to British Columbia's needs.

British Columbia Building Code

The British Columbia Building Code provides the minimum requirements for a safely built environment, and includes building extensions, alterations and upgrades. It adopts the model National Building Code  with elements specific to British Columbia’s needs.

Important changes to the 2012 B.C. Building Code came into effect in 2014. Some of these changes amended sections of the code, while others introduced new content and concepts. Check the Office of Housing and Construction Standards webpages for details and for more information about fire and building code developments in British Columbia.

For more information, please contact the Office of the Fire Commissioner.