Legislation, Regulations & Codes for Fire Safety

The following is the legislation, regulations, and codes relevant to fire safety and prevention in B.C.


The Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC) administers the Fire Services Act. This legislation establishes the function of the OFC, and includes provisions for:


These regulations are under the Fire Services Act.


Codes are developed by the Building Safety Standards Branch, including changes and updates, and are enforced by the OFC.  Enforcement information can be found in the Fire Code Administration Regulation.

British Columbia Fire Code

The British Columbia Fire Code (BCFC) contains a set of minimum requirements for providing acceptable levels of fire safety in and around buildings and open areas where hazardous activities are carried out. It adopts the model National Fire Code and adds unique provisions specific to British Columbia's needs. Visit BCcodes.ca to access or obtain the BCFC.

Information bulletins are developed to promote fire prevention and help building owners and authorized agents with B.C. Fire Code compliance.

British Columbia Building Code

The British Columbia Building Code provides the minimum requirements for a safely built environment, and includes building extensions, alterations and upgrades. It adopts the model National Building Code and adds unique provisions specific to British Columbia’s needs.

Check the Office of Housing and Construction Standards web page for more information about Code development in British Columbia.