Fire Safety Guidelines

BC Games

Many communities throughout the province host the B.C. Summer or Winter Games. The Fire Safety at B.C. Summer and Winter Games guideline is a discussion of the needs and considerations surrounding fire safety when a community hosts the games. 

Decorative Material in Schools

This guideline was created in response to concerns raised that all student artwork may have to be removed from school corridor walls in order to comply with the flame spread rating.  The Fire Commissioner formed a task force of educators, parents, trustees, and fire service representatives to allow for the expression of creativity without creating a hazard.

Access and Egress

The purpose of this guideline is to clarify how to achieve compliance with the BC Fire Code and the BC Building Code when addressing the installation of locks, window bars, access, and electromechanical and electromagnetic hardware on doors.

Electromagnetic Locking Devices (EMLD)

Although this guideline was developed in response to security issues at 24-hour service stations, these principles are applicable to other occupancies where the owner/designer of a building may choose to use EMLDs to enhance security.

Occupant Load

This guideline explains the provisions for occupant loads in the B.C. Building Code and the B.C. Fire Code. There may be other external factors that affect occupant loads for a building or parts of a building, such as municipal bylaws and Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch, these are not included within the scope of this document.