American Fire Retardant Corporation

Nov. 2001

The Office of the Fire Commissioner has received reports that the American Fire Retardant Corporation may be marketing fire retardant products in Canada.

Some of their products have a California State Fire Marshal approval based on Standard 1237.1 (Small Scale Test) in Barclays California Code of Regulations. The test is performed on materials that have been coated with the fire retardant product and not on the product itself.

Some of the fire retardant products meet a California standard. The British Columbia Fire Code regulates the fire retardant properties of drapes, curtains and decorative materials in public buildings. It does not regulate the fire retardant products themselves.

A comparison of the two standards has revealed that the California standard does not equal the requirements of NFPA 705.

Fabrics treated with the fire retardant products would not meet the British Columbia Fire Code Regulation for flame resistance. These fire retardant products may have a use in private dwellings, but not in occupancies where the British Columbia Fire Code applies.

The British Columbia Fire Code, Subsection 2.3.2, requires that drapes, curtains and decorative materials comply with CAN/ULC-S109-M, “Standard for Flame Tests of Flame Resistant Fabrics and Films” and NFPA 705 in certain occupancies. Hospital textiles, Article, must comply with CAN/CGSB-4.162.M, “Hospital Textiles-Flammability Requirements.”

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