Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal (Federal)

The Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal honors members of Canadian fire services who:

  • Have completed 20 years of service, 10 years of which have been served in the performance of duties involving potential risks, and
  • Were employed on or after August 29, 1985

Recognized fire services include:

  • Canadian fire departments
  • Fire marshals offices
  • Fire commissioners offices, and
  • The Canadian Forces Fire Services

Exemplary service is characterized by good conduct, industry and efficiency.

Consideration is given only to periods of service for which no other long service, good conduct or efficiency decoration or medal has been awarded by the Crown.

The medal may be awarded posthumously.

The medal is awarded by the Chancellery of Honours in Ottawa. Awards are made on behalf of the Sovereign by the Governor General. The medals and certificates of award are forwarded to the nominating authority for presentation on behalf of the Governor General.

Past Recipients

Past recipients of the Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal may be awarded a bar to acknowledge each additional 10 year period of service with a Canadian fire service if that service warrants an award.

Nomination Process

  1. The official federal electronic nomination form is to be downloaded from the Governor General of Canada website.
  2. If more than one firefighter is eligible for an award, you may fill out one official federal nomination form and add further names to that same form
  3. Please accompany the completed official federal nomination form (saved in pdf format) with a cover letter confirming list of nominees and nominating authority contact information
  4. Send completed official federal nomination form and cover letter to the Office of the Fire Commissioner email in Victoria

If the nomination is for the fire chief, the nominating authority must be the person the fire chief reports to such as the mayor or chief administrative officer of their village, town, district or city. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Exemplary Service Medal recipients may purchase miniatures for non-uniform dress wear.