Long Fire Services Medal

The province awards the British Columbia Long Service Medal to people who have completed at least 25 years of paid or volunteer fire service. The medal recognizes their dedicated and selflessness service to their communities and province.

The province also awards the British Columbia Long Service Bar for 35 and 45 years of fire service.


Years of fire service include paid service, volunteer service or a combination of both. Documentation of fire service must be submitted with the application.

If the nomination is for the fire chief, the nominating authority must be the person the fire chief reports to such as the mayor or chief administrative officer of their village, town, district or city. Self-nominations will not be accepted.


Return the completed and signed British Columbia Long Service Medal nomination form (PDF) by mail or courier to the Office of the Fire Commissioner, enclosing fire service documentation.

The nominating authority may be the fire chief, deputy chief, mayor or city clerk.

If more than one firefighter is eligible for the award, complete one nomination form (PDF) and include additional names on the Additional Names Form (PDF).

Email completed forms to the Office of the Fire Commissioner.