Reporting Manuals

The Fire Reporting Manual provides fire departments and Local Assistants to the Fire Commissioner with the information needed to meet fire reporting requirements under the Fire Services Act by providing:

  • Guidance in entering required information on fire incidents
  • Data codes for fire loss reporting
  • Location codes for reporting within a jurisdiction

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Fire Report Additional Names Instructions PDF
Fire Report Casualty Instructions PDF
Fire Report Product/Equipment Instructions PDF
Outdoor Fire Report Instructions PDF
Person Fire Report Instructions PDF
Structure Fire Report Instructions PDF
Vehicle Fire Report Instructions PDF

Location Code Directories

Location Code Directory PDF
Location Code Directory (First Nations) PDF

Code Structure

Act or Omission - AO PDF
Action Taken - AC PDF
Automatic Fire Alarm System - AD PDF
Building Height - BH PDF
Extent of Fire - XF PDF
Extent of Damage - XD PDF
Fire Origin Area - OA PDF
Fire Origin Level - LV PDF
Fire Service - FS PDF
Form of Heat - FH PDF
Fuel or Energy - FU PDF
General Construction - GC PDF
Ground Floor Area - GF PDF
Incident - IN PDF
Initial Detection - ID PDF
Igniting Object - IG PDF
Material First Ignited - MI PDF
Manual Fire Protection - MF PDF
Method of Fire Control - EX PDF
Outside Fire Protection - OF PDF
Property Classification - PR PDF
Property Complex - PC PDF
Sprinkler Protection - SP PDF
Smoke Alarm Operation - SD PDF
Transmission of Alarm - AL PDF
Year of Construction - YC PDF

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies must report every fire in which they are insurers. Reports may be filed directly to the Office of the Fire Commissioner or through an adjuster. There is no minimum dollar value below which fires do not need to be reported.