Exercise coastal response 2022

The coast of British Columbia is vulnerable to a catastrophic earthquake, with the potential for major impacts to public health and safety, significant loss of life and billions of dollars in damage to critical infrastructure. 

The aim of Exercise Coastal Response 2022 is to practice an integrated response to a catastrophic earthquake by government and partners.

The scenario

Exercise Coastal Response 2022 focuses on an earthquake disaster scenario involving a local in-slab earthquake, resulting in significant damage to the Lower Mainland. The exercise will follow the principles and procedures laid out in the B.C. Earthquake Immediate Response Plan (PDF), leading to a sustained response. This will offer a high degree of realism to test the province's operational readiness for a catastrophic earthquake.


The exercise series will include workshops, tabletop exercises, emergency operations centre exercises and events over three years, leading to a full-scale exercise in early February 2022. 

Planning for Exercise Coastal Response 2022 is well underway. Some of the key planning and training events are as follows: 

Exercise Timeline
Key Dates Milestone
October 2018 Concept & Objectives Meeting
March 2019 Initial Planning Meeting
November 2019 Objective Workshops
February 2020 Tabletop Exercises
February 2021 Tabletop Exercises
May 2021 Main Planning Meeting
October 2021 Final Planning Meeting
Fall 2021 Controller & Assessor Training
February 2022 ⭐ Exercise Coastal Response
2022 onward After Action Report and Improvements Planning


Exercise Coastal Response 2022 objectives include:

  • Practicing and validating logistics concept of support and elements of supply chain management
  • Conducting joint communications and engagement with a focus on consistency of public information
  • Practicing mass-care response
  • Identifying, developing and testing succession plans and government continuity at all levels
  • Conducting damage assessments, including a review of critical infrastructure


Building upon the success of the 2016 earthquake response exercise, Exercise Coastal Response 2022 will involve responsible agencies in the Greater Vancouver area at the First Nation, federal, provincial and local levels. The exercise will address the local emergency management response to a realistic, major earthquake affecting the Lower Mainland.