Emergency Management Training Program

Emergency Management training is one of the key factors for a successful response. As such, Emergency Management British Columbia (EMBC) oversees a provincial training program that develops, coordinates and presents various emergency management courses and educational opportunities throughout the province.  The primary objective of the training program is to build the knowledge and skillsets of provincial and local government emergency management staff who function in operational roles during emergencies. The training program also aims to increase the understanding of roles and responsibilities of government and non-government agencies in an escalating emergency situation

EMBC Sponsored Regional Emergency Management Courses

EMBC sponsored emergency management training courses are offered throughout the province to support the training requirements of local government. The primary target audience for this training is local government staff and Public Safety Lifeline Volunteers (PSVL) who function in emergency management operational roles during emergencies. If additional seats are available, priority is extended to provincial Temporary Emergency Assignment Management System (TEAMS) personnel that are deployed during activations and the Provincial Regional Emergency Operations Centres (PREOC) and the Provincial Emergency Coordination Centre (PECC) staff. The courses are coordinated through the EMBC regional offices and hosted by local communities, course delivery is provided through the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC).

Emergency Management Webinar Series

The webinar series provides participants with up-to-date information on emergency management best practices, approaches, strategies and technologies. The sessions are designed for emergency management practitioners though applicable to anyone with an interest in enhancing their emergency management knowledge. The webinars are presented in partnership with the Justice Institute of BC.