National Disaster Mitigation Program Funding

In 2015, the Federal government established the National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP), a five year, $200 million cost shared program to reduce the risks and impacts of flooding on Canadians. This program is administered on behalf of the province by the Disaster Mitigation Branch of Emergency Management BC.

The NDMP provided funding for:

  • Stream 1 - Risk assessments
  • Stream 2 - Flood mapping
  • Stream 3 - Mitigation planning
  • Stream 4a - Small scale structural works ( less than $3 Million in federal/provincial funding)
  • Stream 4b - Non-structural mitigation works

Proposal Review Process

Provinces and territories were required to apply to the federal government for NDMP funding on behalf of the eligible entities, and projects were prioritized in a merit-based approach. 

To confirm eligibility and prioritize proposals from B.C., the Province conducted technical assessments of the proposals. This assessment was based on information submitted in the project application, and included consideration of the following criteria:

  • The proposal:
    • addressed or quantified a specific flood risk to the public in areas that have experienced historic flooding or damage
    • contributes to protecting people and property from flooding and related hazards
    • demonstrates good value for public money, including leveraging in-kind or cash contributions to the project from the applicant, community partners, or other funding sources
    • considers and mitigates the impacts of climate change to help ensure a more resilient community
    • contributes to a comprehensive, cooperative and regional approach to flood mitigation
    • meets the mandatory program criteria as per the federal NDMP guidelines
    • sufficiently responds to and addresses the criteria of the B.C. Project Proposal Form
  • The proponent has demonstrated initiative towards flood preparedness and mitigation
  • Dedicated to providing equitable emergency management support to all in B.C., consideration will be given to the geographic distribution of funding across the province

After reviewing each proposal, the B.C. Government recommended eligible proposals to Public Safety Canada (PSC) for consideration. The proposals that effectively demonstrated how they met the above criteria were prioritized within available B.C. program funding.  

The B.C. Government worked with successful proponents to administer the project in accordance with the NDMP’s terms and conditions.