Local Assistant to the Fire Commissioner

The Fire Commissioner is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Fire Services Act and B.C. Fire Code. Local Assistants to the Fire Commissioner (LAFC) are appointed within each municipality and all other areas of the province, to assist the fire commissioner in the administration of fire legislation.

In most cases, the LAFC is the fire chief or other fire service member of a community fire department. Local police can also fill this role if no LAFC has been appointed by the fire commissioner in any area outside of a municipality. This role has access to the provincial authority of the fire legislation and is accountable to the fire commissioner, not the local government.

LAFC responsibilities

Mandatory responsibilities for this position include:

The LAFC can enter premises at any reasonable hour to inspect for fire hazards and conditions that would hinder escape from fire, usually after receiving a complaint. No actions or proceedings can be brought or taken against them for anything they have done or omitted during the performance of their duties under the Fire Services Act unless approved by the attorney general.

Appointments and updates

Appointment requests are submitted as a letter from a fire chief within a municipality. Outside of municipalities, the appointment recommendation is made to the fire commissioner through a written request by the governing body of that jurisdiction.

For any of the following situations, request the applicable LAFC letter template from OFC@gov.bc.ca and return it to the same email address.

  • Transfer of LAFC (from one jurisdiction to another) 
  • Retirement of LAFC
  • New LAFC appointment request (within a municipality)
  • New LAFC appointment request (outside a municipality)
  • Amendment of LAFC (addition or change to area of jurisdiction or name change)
  • Reissue of LAFC ID Card
  • Fire chief update for the fire department



A training course for those who are or will soon be appointed as a LAFC is available.

Fire reporting forms

Printable and electronic forms for reporting fires are available on the fire reporting guidelines, manuals and forms page.


These resources are helpful when conducting fire inspections.