Fire service awards

This program acknowledges contributions by B.C. firefighters and citizens. Certificates and medals are awarded for outstanding contributions to fire safety.


Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal

This medal is awarded on behalf of the Governor General of Canada to firefighters who have shown exemplary service through good conduct, industry, and efficiency.


Members of Canadian fire services who:

  • Have completed 20 years of service, 10 years of which have been served in the performance of duties involving potential risks
  • Were employed on or after August 29, 1985

Recognized fire services include:

  • Canadian fire departments
  • Fire Marshals offices
  • Fire Commissioners offices
  • The Canadian Forces Fire Services


Visit the Fire Services Exemplary Medal program page for program details and information on how to make a nomination.

Fire chiefs must be nominated by the person they report to, such as the mayor or chief administrative officer of their jurisdiction. Self-nominations aren’t accepted.

Exemplary fire service medal

B.C. Long Service Medal

This medal is awarded to those who have at least 25 years of paid or volunteer fire service, to recognize their dedication and long service.

The British Columbia Long Service bar and pin are available for every 10 years of service after the initial 25 years, so at 35 and 45 years of fire service and so on.

Note that only one original award is issued, and replicas, replacements or additional ribbons are not provided.


  • Must have at least 25 years of fire service
    • This can include a combination of paid or volunteer service
    • Documentation of fire service must be submitted with the application
    • All service must have been in B.C.


  1. Complete the British Columbia Long Service Medal nomination form (PDF)
  2. Complete the Additional Names Form (PDF) if nominating more than one fire service member
  3. Email completed forms and documentation to

To nominate someone, you must be the fire chief, deputy chief, fire services manager, mayor or chief administrative officer.

Fire chiefs must be nominated by the person they report to, such as the mayor or chief administrative officer of their jurisdiction. Self-nominations aren’t accepted

B.C. Long Service Medal image

B.C. Firefighter Medal of Bravery

This medal is awarded to firefighters who act without concern for their personal safety.


  • Must be an active fire service personnel at the time of nomination


  1. Send nominations, in a letter format, to
  2. Please include details about how the firefighter demonstrated bravery in their service

Nominations are reviewed and forwarded to the bravery award committee for consideration and final recommendation for awarding.

B.C. Fire Fighter Medal of Bravery image

Recognition awards

These are awarded as certificates to recognize outstanding contributions and years of service.

Local Assistant to the Fire Commissioner certificate of appreciation

After completing service as a local assistant to the fire commissioner (LAFC), individuals are eligible to receive a certificate of appreciation that recognizes their service.

How to apply

  • A letter of confirmation that the authority has ceased for whom and when, along with the return of the issued LAFC badge
  • A certificate is issued once the LAFC badge and are returned

Fire Commissioners Certificate of Commendation

This certificate recognizes those who make outstanding contributions to fire safety in the province. It can be awarded to the public as well as members of the fire service.

How to apply

To apply for the certificate, the local fire chief or the local assistant to the fire commissioner must send a letter of request to

The letter of request must:

  • Outline the incident
  • Indicate the actions taken by the nominee

Each request will be reviewed and a recommendation will be made to the fire commissioner. If a commendation is approved, the certificate will be sent to the requester for presentation.