Fire incident reporting

All fires that have caused damage to property, injuries or fatalities, or that required fire department resources to suppress, must be reported to the Office of the Fire Commissioner.

Reporting a fire

Report a fire in the Fire Incident Reporting (FIRE) system.

Login to the FIRE system

​Reporting guidelines and forms

Learn about what types of fires need to be reported, and find forms, the fire reporting manual, definitions used in fire reporting.

Benefits of reporting fires

Reporting fires is legally required. The information in the reports also provides data for the annual fire loss report and supports fire prevention activities, as well as:

  • Developing public education materials and programs
  • Researching trends
  • Identifying emerging risks
  • Updating legislation, regulations, and codes

Statistical reports

Fire reporting data is used by different organizations and government agencies for policy development, planning and research purposes. The more complete the fire reporting data is, the more useful it is.

Quarterly reports

Annual reports