Indigenous emergency management partnership tables

We work in collaboration with Indigenous communities to respond to their diverse needs and build resiliency through disaster preparedness. The Indigenous Emergency Management Partnership Tables are a forum to create services that acknowledge Indigenous ways of knowing.

These meetings began in 2018. The intention is for there to be in-person or virtual events held at least twice a year supported by ongoing regional dialogue.

2021 Conference Summary Report (PDF, 1.7MB) - this summary report includes graphic recordings and details from the virtual conference held from January 18 to 22 in 2021.


Every Indigenous community is invited to participate, along with support organizations including the First Nations Emergency Services Society (FNESS), Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), First Nations Health Authority (FNHA), BC Wildfire Service (BCWS), the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) and many other non-governmental, provincial or federal partners as determined by Nation partners.

Nation representatives are reimbursed for incremental travel and accommodation costs to attend in-person Partnership Table meetings.

Principles and values

  • Inclusive – all Indigenous people are invited and have a voice
  • Consensus building approach – true partnership means a collective vision for long-term solutions
  • Respect for each other and for culture – finding points of connection between the parallel ways in which we see the world starts with respect for diverse perspectives
  • Equity and fairness – meaningful engagement means taking extra care to create opportunities for participation and sharing information with those who are typically underrepresented
  • Accountability – how we implement solutions is as important as what we do