Helping kids learn about COVID-19

Many youth across B.C. are curious and anxious about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. To support parents, caregivers and educators in teaching young people about COVID-19, we've created a series of learning resources and activities.

To help kids learn about and understand the hazards in B.C., including disease outbreaks, consider starting with our free Master of Disaster youth education program: for disease outbreak content, see page 8 of the Get Ready Guide (PDF, 9.73 MB). You can then supplement this material with the resources below.

Individual Activities



Colouring Sheet - "Wash Your Hands" All
Colouring Sheet - "Cover Your Cough" All
Colouring Sheet - "Keep Your Germs to Yourself" All
Connect the Dots - "Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Others" Grades K-3
Wordsearch - Disease Outbreaks Grades 4-8
Crossword - Disease Outbreaks Grades 4-8
Disaster Catcher Game - Disease Outbreaks Grades 4-8

Group Activities



Window Sign Colouring Sheets - "Stay Safe" All
Window Sign Colouring Sheets - "Be Kind"                                   All
Window Sign Colouring Sheets - "Together Apart" All

Kids Learning Videos

Help kids learn more about the COVID-19 pandemic with these short, educational videos. 

Answering Kids COVID-19 Questions


COVID-19 Myths


Soap and Water Activity


Hand Washing Demonstration


More Resources

For more COVID-19 teaching resources, consider the following:

For general suggestions to help keep children learning at home, visit Open Schools BC