Vulnerable Sector Checks

As part of your criminal record check process, the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) will also conduct a vulnerable sector check. This process determines whether you have any record suspensions (formerly known as pardons) for sexual offences.

If you have the same combination of gender and date-of-birth as a sex offender whose record has been suspended you must be fingerprinted to confirm your identity. This is a federal RCMP requirement that applies to all Canadians. Most people who are fingerprinted in a vulnerable sector check do not have a sexual offence record. However, fingerprinting is necessary to eliminate the possibility that an offender has changed their name in order to pass a criminal record check.

If you have the same gender and date-of-birth as a record suspended sex offender, you will receive a letter from the CRRP informing you that your fingerprints are required. The letter will include forms and instructions on what to do. You will be required to visit your local police agency to take your fingerprints, which will then be submitted to the RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services to confirm whether or not they match those of a person with a record suspension for a sexual offence.

If a match is found, a risk assessment will be conducted to determine whether or not you can work or volunteer with vulnerable people.

Fingerprinting fees are set by each municipality and police agency. They will not be reimbursed by the CRRP.

Note: If you have been fingerprinted for a vulnerable sector check with our program once and stay active with your employment including 5-year rechecks, additional fingerprints may not be required.