New Invoices & Online Payments for Oil & Gas

We have upgraded the reporting and account management systems for oil and gas royalties and tax. Reporting facilities, including royalty taxpayers, need to familiarize themselves with these changes so they can develop processes to ensure they comply with new reporting requirements.

To help you transition to Petrinex and online services, a series of information notices are available below.

The information on this page is for your convenience and guidance and is not a replacement for the legislation. 

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Reporting, Invoicing and Payment Due Dates

Oil & Gas Transition Notice 001, Reporting, invoicing and payment due dates (PDF) explains reporting, invoicing and payment due date changes impacting the production periods leading up to the implementation of Petrinex, beginning with the July 2018 production month. It also explains how data will be reported in Petrinex and what the new reporting requirements will be.

Use the Petrinex Reporting Calendar to find out the due date for each of your reporting requirements. This calendar provides you with the specific due date, even when the due date falls on a weekend or statutory holiday.

Reporting Requirements

Previously, you were required to submit a series of forms to report your monthly oil and gas production.  As of the October 2018 production month, you are required to report information monthly and annually through Petrinex.

Oil & Gas Transition Notice 011, Reporting Requirements (PDF), explains important changes to B.C. reporting requirements, including changes to infrastructure, monthly and annual reporting.

Electronic Invoice Formats

Invoice content and electronic formats have changed. You will need to understand the changes implemented and engage your IT support to make sure your system is able to accept and process the new electronic invoices.

Oil & Gas Transition Notice 009, Invoices (PDF), provides you with information about your new royalty invoices.

Oil & Gas Commission Invoice and Payment

The Ministry of Finance bills and collects amounts on behalf of the Oil and Gas Commission. With the introduction of Petrinex, invoicing and other related changes are occurring.

Oil & Gas Transition Notice 002, Oil & Gas Commission Invoice and Payment (PDF), explains changes to the invoicing and payment of the Oil and Gas Commission Levy and Orphan Site Restoration Tax.

Deemed Royalties

To protect government revenues, the Ministry of Finance introduced a deemed royalty on reporting facility operators where certain Petrinex reporting errors occur that prevent the issuance of a Crown invoice to the producer.

Oil & Gas Transition Notice 004, Deemed Royalty (PDF), explains why a deemed royalty may be assessed and how it is calculated.


Previously, you had to provide certain information on time, or you may have incurred a penalty. With the introduction of Petrinex, certain reporting errors will result in penalties.

Oil & Gas Transition Notice 003, Penalties and Reporting Errors (PDF), provides important information about new penalty rules associated with the implementation of Petrinex.

Oil & Gas Transition Notice 010, Transitional Penalty Period (PDF), explains how Petrinex non-compliance penalties are applied to the October, November and December 2018 production months (the transitional period).


Previously, you had to pay interest on outstanding amounts and historical adjustments resulting in an amount owing. We paid you interest on amounts owed to you. Effective November 1, 2018, the methods and rates used to calculate interest on amounts due and amounts payable have changed.

Oil & Gas Transition Notice 007, Interest (PDF), explains the new interest policies and rates that came into effect on November 1, 2018 and describes how interest applies in different scenarios.


Previously, you could remit your royalty or tax payment electronically, by mail or in-person. Payment had to be accompanied by a completed BC-15 form. In November 2018, some payment options were introduced, some eliminated and others modified. Rules were also introduced to determine when payment is considered received.

Oil & Gas Transition Notice 006, Payments (PDF), explains new payment due dates and an updated payment process, including new account numbers and updated payment methods.

Royalty Estimate Deposit

Previously, oil and gas royalty payers had to maintain an estimate deposit equal to the expected royalty due for each production month. As of November 2018, an estimate deposit is no longer required. 

Oil & Gas Transition Notice 005, Royalty Estimate Deposits (PDF), explains what options you have for retiring your existing royalty estimate account balance and the financial implications.

Amending Prior Production Periods

As of November 2018, there is a new procedure to amend historical production periods before October 2018.

Oil & Gas Transition Notice 008, Amending Prior Production Periods (PDF), explains how you can make an amendment to a production period prior to the October 2018 period (or the August 2018 period for the BC-08, Marketable Gas and By-Product Producer Allocations Report), including the cutover date for using the previous process, the format available for each form after the transition, and how the form must be submitted.

Administrative Changes

Oil & Gas Transition Notice 012, Administrative Changes (PDF), provides information about several administrative changes that are now implemented.