Information for Employers

Employers are required by law to increase wages by the dates set out in the timelines to the right.

The hourly minimum wage is the same for adults and young people. Some professions have a separate minimum wage, such liquor servers, piece rate farm workers, resident caretakers, live-in camp leaders and live-in home support workers.

Are there any subsidies available to help me absorb the cost of raising wages?

Measured and predictable wage increases over four years allow employers time to plan and absorb additional labour costs.

While there are currently no minimum-wage related subsidies, B.C. businesses are seeing savings through recent tax cuts, such as the 20% reduction in the small-business corporate income tax rate, and the 50% cut to Provincial Sales Tax (PST) on non-residential electricity, a tax that will be eliminated by April 1, 2019.

Tax and accounting advice is available through Small Business BC.

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