What should I expect when I go to a Justice Access Centre?

Depending on your needs, Justice Access Centres can help you with family law issues related to separation and divorce, and staff can direct you to services, including:

  • Self-help and information services
  • Dispute resolution options, and
  • Legal advice services

When you go to the Justice Access Centre, you will be asked to fill out a short client information sheet. This helps staff at the centre direct you to the best service as quickly as possible. You may want to complete the information sheet online and print it before you go to the centre. Or staff can help you fill it in when you at the centre.

Also take with you:

  • Addresses and phone numbers of any other people involved
  • Dates of any scheduled court appearances
  • Details of any previous related appointments, and
  • Copies of all relevant documents, such as court papers, contracts, letters or receipts

People often face several problems at once. When you are going through a separation, you may also have concerns about housing, income and employment. Justice Access Centre staff will describe the range of services that are appropriate for your situation.

If you file an application to Provincial Court on a contested family matter, you will meet with a family justice counsellor before you proceed to a court appearance.

More information

For more information about what to expect, select the Justice Access Centre you are going to: Nanaimo, SurreyVancouver or Victoria.