Enforce Your Support Order or Agreement Through the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program

The Canadian courts have long recognized that the financial responsibilities of parents to their children and of one spouse to another do not end when the parents or spouses separate.

Couples regularly make support agreements and the courts make support orders. Parents continue to provide for their children and spouses continue to provide for their former partners.

Many do so willingly. Others, unfortunately, do not. In either case, the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP) can help.

Note: “Support” and “maintenance” both mean the same thing: financial support for children and/or a former spouse that must be paid under a support order or agreement.

If you are already an FMEP client, you can find information about your case through the FMEP website. To ensure your privacy, you will be asked to enter your FMEP Case Number and your Personal Identification Number. You will find these numbers at the top of your official notice of filing, sent to you when you were first enrolled with the FMEP.