Unidentified Cases: Requests for Public Assistance

The BC Coroners Service, in conjunction with municipal police or RCMP, seek your assistance to help identify human remains. Each case presented may include retouched facial photographs, photographs of tattoos and distinguishing physical features and facial reconstructions. These fabricated images may not always resemble the person as they actually appeared during life and should be considered an approximation of their appearance. With your help, we hope to bring some closure to families who are searching for someone.

There are approximately 200 unsolved investigations involving unidentified human remains in British Columbia, and the Coroners Service has access to over 1,300 missing persons investigation files in order to assist with identification, all within internal spatial databases with an aim to draw associations between UHRs and missing persons.

Should you have a query regarding any unidentified human remains investigations, please contact the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) at 1 877 660-5077 or BCCS.SIU@gov.bc.ca.

The Coroners Service also works with the RCMP and its National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains by providing information on B.C. unidentified remains for the Canada’s Missing database.

Only cases with enough information to develop a descriptive profile are included in the database. The database is managed by a national centre that assists law enforcement, medical examiners and coroners with missing persons and unidentified remains investigations across the country. The website features profiles of missing persons and unidentified remains that have been published at the request of the primary investigator from either a police, coroner or medical examiner agency. The lead investigator determines when and whether to publish a case.

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