Kicking Horse Canyon Project - Community Benefits

The Kicking Horse Canyon Project is a participant in the Community Benefits Agreement (CBA). Applying Community Benefits will ensure communities in close proximity to projects benefit, with fair wages for  everyone and a legacy of trained workers for the future. The CBA is intended to support local businesses whenever possible, focus on well-paying jobs for British Columbians, increase opportunities for young people, women and Indigenous peoples in the skilled workforce, and ensure effective apprenticeship and training programs.

It is estimated that about 250 direct jobs will be created through the delivery of Phase 4. Most of these will be well-paying, high-skill construction jobs available to both union and non-affiliated workers. Non-union workers will be required to join the union within 30 days of arriving on the jobsite, but only for work on the applicable project. They will benefit by having secure employment at a pre-negotiated and known wage and benefit structure.