Your Role in Assisting Trafficked Persons

The impact of human trafficking can be profound. You have a vital and important role to play offering a trafficked person support, protection, escape, and recovery.

Remember, it is not your role to determine for certain that a person has been trafficked. Your responsibility is to provide services, following your agency’s established protocols and procedures, to any potentially trafficked person who needs them, or to refer the trafficked person to needed services in the community.

In Module 3, we reviewed the importance of determining what the person’s immediate needs are, such as for food or water, medical care, or shelter — and building a relationship of trust, based on confidentiality, in order to provide a safe place for the potentially trafficked person to seek protection, support, and services.

Within the framework of a human rights approach, there are several principles that will help you work with trafficked persons or make referrals to other agencies. The following sections outline these principles.

In the following video, Professor Benjamin Perrin explains why service providers are a part of the solution.

Your Role is Important

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(Transcript for the Your Role is Important video.)


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