A Survivor's Story Video Transcript


I was quite young; I was 14 when I started in the sex trade. I was bumped by a bunch of female women. The term bumped means they’ll take care of you financially, they’ll buy you whatever habit you have, whether it’s drinking, smoking weed, they make a life style very attractive, very freeing, we’re better than your family, we’ll take care of you, and they do for a month, maybe two.

Then with the threat of violence over your head, that’s when they put you on the corner, and basically you’ve got to do what they say or you’re going to get severely beaten, or you’re going to get killed. I was in a city that was very controlled by gangs and I was picked up one night in a van by gunpoint. Since then I would be moved from one part of the city to the other. Half the time I didn’t even know where I was going, so I don’t know what other cities I was in. They would just drive me in a black out van with guns or knives and we’d end up at a house and I would ply my trade there, they would collect the money. I’d go back in the van, go somewhere else. A lot of places that you go to, if you relapse or you fall down in any way, you know you go out and do something stupid, they kick you out. Come back in 30 days, or you can’t come back at all. It’s not only I feel unfair but it’s such a narrow minded view of the issue, you know, sometimes it takes people more than one try, and I know for me, it took about eleven tries to get out . . .

Caption: This survivor ‘got out.’ Here’s what made a difference for her.


I guess it would be knowing that there was an agency such as Servants Anonymous Society that specifically dealt with exploitation, and the things that they have there, they don’t just treat one issue, they don’t just treat your addiction, they don’t just treat the prostitution, they offer a wide variety—education, life skills, a safe home. You get to go to and from a school; you feel like you’re doing something improving, you can do your academics which I did do. It treated the whole person.