Mapping a Service Network for Trafficked Persons

Now that you know more about the services a trafficked person may require, think about the agencies and individuals in your community who may be able to assist a potentially trafficked person. The following activity will help with this and you are encouraged to adapt it to your needs.

Step 1: Download the activity sheet. You can print it or fill in the form on the computer.

Step 2: Identify the agencies and individuals in your community for each service area listed. You are encouraged to do this with your co-workers and team members.

Step 3: Consider contacting these agencies and individuals to inquire about their awareness of human trafficking (inform them about this course), and their ability and willingness to provide services to potentially trafficked persons. Ask them about their eligibility criteria, intake process, and culturally appropriate services.

Step 4: Keep your contact list up-to-date.


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