Human Trafficking - Message of Hope

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The Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons would like to thank the survivors who contributed to this course. Your stories bring to life the realities of human trafficking in Canada and we acknowledge the strength and courage it takes to tell them. Thank you.

We would also like to thank you, the learner, for taking this course. Your knowledge and awareness of trafficking is essential to assisting trafficked persons in Canada along their healing journeys.

As a closing message of hope, here is a letter from Sammy, a survivor of domestic trafficking for sexual exploitation, written to other survivors:

My Story: I was trafficked at 21 years old and was forced to perform sex work for about four years in Ottawa and occasionally in Toronto. I was abused, threatened, sad, and lost. I believed that I was at fault. I got to a point where I was done fighting and trying to run away. I just accepted that this was who I am, and this was my life. If I could give any advice to you it would be don’t accept it ever! This is not who you are, and don’t give up. Don’t let anyone take away your basic human rights. Your dignity and self respect cannot be taken from you, so reclaim it. Dig deep inside yourself and find your strength. You are not at fault and there is a great team of people working on trafficking across the country that are there for you. Please let them help you be safe, healthy, happy, and free from being trafficked. Being around this team has truly changed my life. They have helped me heal and given me a purpose. My purpose is to pass the message along to you so you can grow and heal. It won’t be easy but it’s worth it. I hope that you accept our help and I hope we will meet one day soon.

- Sammy


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