Redesigning a Branding Tattoo Video Transcript

Benjamin Perrin, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of BC:

Nakpangi had tattooed his name on the back of Eve’s neck. I’ve seen the photos from the police file, it’s ‘Imani’ etched in her neck. It’s like a form of branding, it’s what it’s referred to as, which is one of the warning signs that someone may be a victim of trafficking. She was only able to get help with that tattoo when the police found a local probono tattoo artist. A young woman who believed tattooing is a form of art, and she was so disgusted that someone would brand their name into the neck of someone else and treating them as if they were a piece of cattle. So she worked with this survivor, Eve, to come up with this beautiful design of a flower that now conceals his name. She’s really proud of that. Actually, there’s a number of other survivors now who have had brands on the backs of their neck as well who have taken on this as a bit of a symbol of survival. There’s hope here.