Success Video Transcript

Mary Pichette, Executive Director, Servants Anonymous Society, Surrey:

The first success that a trafficked woman will experience in her life is when she stays one night at Servants Anonymous Society; ten purchases of her body are removed. That’s our definition of success. If a 16 year old or a 20 year old comes, and they stay one month, that’s thirty days, that 300 purchases of her body that are removed from her life. Now what would that mean to a 16 year old, a 17 or 18 year old, three hundred purchases? An internationally trafficked woman, it’s more. People can’t hear the numbers. They’re expected to provide twenty-five services a day. And to be in a place where that doesn’t have to happen for one day, that’s twenty-five services that they have not had to provide. They can just rest, and they can just not have to be constantly engaged in this trauma. So that is our first definition of the significance of success in having a safe place to stay.