Be Patient with Trafficked Persons

My Story:  Many survivors such as myself don’t want anyone to fix our problems. We want to be heard through a listening ear and validated that this happened.

- Naha

Trafficked persons require time to develop trust and rebuild their lives. They may need:

  • Multiple meetings before they trust you to seek protection and assistance for them.
  • Several attempts at leaving their trafficking situation before they leave for good.
  • A period of rest and reflection to assess their options.
  • Multiple types of assistance, or a continuum of services, each requiring a different pace.

Take your cues from the trafficked person. Some may need to be given space and time to adjust, while others may want to access assistance immediately.

Communicate Clearly

Provide information in a way that the trafficked person can understand.

Take time to make sure they understand what you are saying and have the opportunity to ask questions and make choices.

Only ask questions that are necessary to provide assistance.

Reality Check. Take a moment to reflect upon the potential you have as a service provider to help a trafficked person restore their dignity.  Think about how a trafficked person seeking help may feel when they are treated with respect, patience, and empathy… and when they are not.


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