Human Trafficking Course Module #3

This module, How to Recognize a Trafficked Person, describes the signs and indications that someone has been trafficked, including signs of abuse and control. It also suggests how you can best communicate with the person — who may be scared or traumatized or both.

Once you recognize that you may be dealing with a trafficked person, you’ll be able to offer the most effective protection and support.

At the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand the challenges involved in recognizing a person who may have been trafficked, and the barriers a trafficked person may face in coming forward and speaking to you.
  • Be aware of the signs that a person is being abused and controlled by someone else,
    and the more specific signs that may indicate that a person has been trafficked for sexual exploitation, forced labour or domestic servitude.
  • Be aware of potential signs of grooming, recruitment and trafficking that are specific to children and youth.
  • Feel comfortable that you will be able to recognize whether or not a person you are working with may have been trafficked.

In the following video, Professor Benjamin Perrin talks about the indicators and warning signs of human trafficking.

Interpreting Indicators

(Video runtime 01:05)

(Transcript for the Interpreting Indicators video.)

This module should take about two hours to complete, but remember to go at your own pace.


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