Indicators of International Trafficking

My Story: Right now I don’t have status in Canada. I have to leave, but how would I go back to my country? I have been here for four years and if I go back it’s not the same, it’s going to be harder. The situation in my country is more war, more killings, and I am getting old, I don’t know what I would do.

- Clara

There are additional indicators unique to international trafficking to be aware of:

Red Flags: Indicators of International Trafficking. The person: Has paid a fee to come to Canada. Came to Canada for a specific job, but may not have that job now. Came to Canada with a valid visa (i.e. student, visitor, temporary worker) but is forced to breach their visa conditions. Travelled a long and possibly indirect route to get to Canada. Won’t say how they came into Canada. Does not have access to their passport or travel documents. Is reluctant to tell you their immigration status or show you travel or immigration documents if they have them. Is worried about their immigration status in Canada. Does not speak English or French or experiences language barriers.


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