Indicators of Human Trafficking

Signs of abuse and control are strong indicators of all types of trafficking. There may also be signs that indicate the type of trafficking — sexual exploitation, forced labour or domestic servitude.

Things to remember

The defining feature of human trafficking is the exploitation, or the intended exploitation, of a person. Anyone can be trafficked: people from other countries; people from your own community; women, men, children, youth, and transgendered people.

Every case is different and there is no single checklist of indicators that prove a person has been trafficked. However, the presence of these indicators means it may be a trafficking situation.

My Story: What do we fear? What makes us silent? Beatings, verbal threats, feeding us drugs, keeping us hostage, keeping us away from our families, taking away our phones, taking away our stability. What makes us stay? You seduce us. You pay attention to us. You tell us that you love us. You take us out and buy us things. But we always have to pay you back.

- Lori

The indicators, or “Red Flags” that follow are available at the end of this module for you to print out and keep handy at your workplace.



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