Violence and Fear Video Transcript

Mary Pichette, Executive Director Servants Anonymous Society, Surrey:

A young woman who was trafficked off a reserve and had been forced into exploitation in Prince George and then ultimately became addicted, stayed in touch with us for about two and a half years, to try and get down to Vancouver, to Servants Anonymous, for some help, and because she wanted to get out of exploitation.

So she finally got eight months cleaning, which was huge, and she was in touch with us throughout those eight months. Its not a prerequisite of our work to be clean like that, but for her it was that. She had things in order in Prince George and she was leaving to get on the bus and we were expecting her at 4 o’clock on a Friday afternoon. And we got a phone call at 1 o’clock and her pimp had murdered her when she left to get on the bus to leave.

That’s what exploitation costs women when they want to leave. Now this is here in Canada, this is our children, this is right here, right now. That is the cost to trafficked women and children should they want to, or try to, leave. It’s a barrier and I think when we’re working with trafficked women, trafficked children, less so in labour we don’t see men being murdered to keep them trapped. There are different dynamics there, but not as violent. And we have to know that there’s that kind of violence thriving in the industry of human trafficking.