Human Trafficking Course Module #2

This module focuses on human trafficking in Canada. It explains that human trafficking is, indeed, happening here in this country, and discusses what makes people vulnerable.

It also outlines what Canada is doing to respond to this devastating crime, through federal, provincial, police, Aboriginal and community programs and initiatives, as well as laws intended to protect people who have been trafficked and to prosecute their traffickers.

At the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand the extent of human trafficking in Canada.
  • Know that Canada takes this crime seriously and has put in place various
    supports and protections, including — for someone from another country — temporary residence status in Canada.
  • Understand Canada’s criminal laws which prohibit human trafficking.
  • Have access to a National List of Organizations working on human trafficking issues in Canada.

For a snapshot of human trafficking in Canada, play the following trailer to Avenue Zero, a National Film Board documentary on human trafficking in this country.

Avenue Zero

(Video runtime 01:42)

(Transcript for the Road Zero: Trailer video.)

This module should take about two hours to complete, but remember to go at your own pace.


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