Law Enforcement Initiatives for Human Trafficking

RCMP Human Trafficking National Coordination Centre

The RCMP has established the Human Trafficking National Coordination Centre (HTNCC) in Ottawa as the focal point in their efforts to combat human trafficking. The HTNCC has established designated human trafficking awareness coordinators in various parts of the country. Their primary role is to raise awareness of human trafficking and to build partnerships with local law enforcement and community agencies to assist in locating trafficked persons and conducting human trafficking investigations. To find a human trafficking coordinator, please contact the HTNCC or call toll free at 1-855-850-4640.

The Centre has also developed anti-trafficking education and training materials:

The RCMP Human Trafficking National Coordination Centre has launched a public awareness campaign called I’m Not for Sale. As part of this campaign, a human trafficking toolkit is available for law enforcement, organizations and the general public.

To subscribe to the RCMP’s Fast Facts, a quarterly newsletter that includes information about law enforcement initiatives, statistics, training and other items of interest, send your email address to: You can also ask for RCMP campaign materials at this email address.

Local Law Enforcement Agencies

Local law enforcement agencies play a vital role in identifying people who may have been trafficked, ensuring their safety and gathering evidence in human trafficking cases to secure a conviction against the traffickers.


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