Forced Labour in Canada Video Transcript

Benjamin Perrin, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia:

And then of course there are other myths; too, that Canada was primarily a destination for sex trafficking and very little talk about forced labour trafficking. What our research found in going through the Immigration Canada files was Citizenship and Immigration Canada actually keeps a record now, since 2006, records of anyone who they believe is a victim of human trafficking. Typically, this is when they are seeking to remain in Canada and obtain a temporary residence permit, one of the new measures in place to help these victims. And it turned out that there were actually, just slightly, but there were more forced labour trafficking cases than foreign sex trafficking cases that were documented. And we got a breakdown by the regions of the world and gender; even more amazing myths were sort of blown out of the water. Many people have never heard of a country named Moldova, it’s a very small central and eastern European country, and yet that’s the location where a significant number of men from Moldova were brought to Canada and we believe in the forced labour trafficking sphere of things. So it turns out that actually one in four foreign trafficking victims that Citizenship and Immigration Canada knew about are actually men. And so it really begins to change the myths and understanding that we have about this problem.