Human Trafficking Case Study 2: Eve - A True Story

In 2008, a man named Imani Nakpangi pleaded guilty in Ontario to trafficking a Canadian minor by exercising control or direction over her movements for the purpose of sexually exploiting her. He was the first person convicted of a human trafficking offence under the Criminal Code.

He was also convicted of another charge, living off the avails of prostitution, related to a second girl who was a 14-year-old ward of the Children’s Aid Society at the time.

Court records reveal that the older girl (we’ll call her “Eve”) was under Nakpangi’s control for three years. When Eve tried to leave him, he chased and assaulted her. He also threatened to kidnap her brother, and told her that she owed him $100,000 in “exit fees.” Eve’s log indicated that she worked virtually every day and turned over a total of about $360,000 to Nakpangi.

Finally, after a client robbed her at gunpoint, Eve escaped and went to the police.

The younger girl resisted her rescue by police, insisting Nakpangi loved her and that she was carrying his child.

Play the following video in which Professor Benjamin Perrin discusses the case. Then, answer the quiz questions.

First Conviction for Human Trafficking in Canada

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(Transcript for the First Conviction for Human Trafficking video.)

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