How Traffickers Take Advantage of Vulnerable People

All of the factors that make a person vulnerable to human trafficking (racism, poverty, gender inequality, addiction) work to create both despair and desperation. Desperate people are more likely to believe stories of other people who have found their fortunes in another city or country.

Traffickers take advantage of vulnerable people by, for example, promising:

  • a father that his child will go to a good school
  • a teenager that they will have a great acting, modelling, or singing career
  • an individual who is substance dependent or addicted that they will be provided a steady supply of their primary substance of choice
  • an unemployed worker that they will have a well-paid job

For an in-depth analysis of the vulnerabilities of human trafficking, please read the UNODC publication "Abuse of a Position of Vulnerability".

My Story: My trafficker used to say that if I left him or went back to another pimp, he would send a video tape of me to my dad. He would videotape me in a hotel room without me knowing with a john, and if I didn’t do what he wanted, he would put it on Facebook or share it with everyone I loved.

- Christina

In the following video from the European Commission, four survivors of human trafficking tell their stories.

Personal Testimonies of Victims of Human Trafficking

(Video runtime 08:44)

(Transcript for the Personal Testimonies video.)


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