Human Trafficking Course Test Your Knowledge: Module 1

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Gina is a 24-year-old sex worker in an Eastern European city. Lately, she has a hard time earning any money, and Gina assumes it's because she's getting older. She is very concerned about her ability to support herself in the future. She begins to hear rumours that older women like her from the same city have been making a lot of money abroad, so when a local agent named Rudi approaches her about working in Italy, she readily agrees.

Rudi is very helpful. He tells Gina that she will travel to Italy by boat across the Adriatic Sea and that he will arrange for her to work in the brothels of Milan. He tells her that she will be able to choose her own working hours and determine what services she will provide, while earning a significant amount of money from high-class clients. He also assures her that many Balkan women arrive in Italy without speaking any Italian but learn it quickly and end up marrying wealthy men. Gina knows that she will not be able to do sex work forever, and this may be the only way to secure her future.

She agrees to pay Rudi €10,000 for travel, documents, his expenses and time (Rudi's actual costs for travel and forged documents amount to only €700, or about $900). He says she must pay him the full amount within six months, but not to worry — it'll be easy.

Gina crosses the Adriatic then travels to Milan concealed in the back of a truck driven by a man named Gus. The journey takes almost three days. As Rudi promised, a man named Carlo and woman named Elizabeth (the owner and "madam" of the brothel she will be working in), are waiting for her. They take her to a private house owned by another woman, Theresa, to sleep that night. The next day, they escort her to a high-class brothel where she begins to work off her debt. The work is not what Gina expected from Rudi's promises. She is forced to work very long hours, often beginning at 10:00 one morning and finishing at 5:00 or 6:00 the next morning. She is forced to provide all types of sexual acts, including sexual intercourse without the protection of a condom.

When Gina refuses to provide this sexual act, Carlo threatens to beat her. He also takes all of her earnings and only allows her a small amount for food and cigarettes. He tells Gina that he will continue to take all of her earnings until she has earned enough to pay her debt to Rudi and pay him for all his brothel costs.

End of Module

You have now completed Module 1. Please continue to Module 2: Canada's Response to Human Trafficking.


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