I'm not for sale Video Transcript

Text on Screen:


Re-enactment from I’m not for sale, RCMP:

Man [talking on phone]: Yeah, I think she’s ready to start working soon. I’m going to go and hit her with it, so remember what I said and just go along with everything I say. Cool?

[Woman enters room]

Man [on phone]: Hey man, look! I told you I don’t have the money right now! Yeah, I need a little more time. Hey! Yeah, man, come-on. Be reasonable. I promise I’ll get it to you. Just a little more time. Yeah. Yeah, okay. Bye, man.

Woman: Is everything okay?

Man: No, everything’s not okay!

Woman: Well, what’s wrong?

Man: I owe Lauren twenty-five g’s! That’s what’s wrong!

Woman: Just pay him, that’s all.

Man: Do you think money just grows on trees? I don’t have twenty five thousand dollars!

Woman: I didn’t know money was tight. I would have never accepted your gifts.

Man: Yeah? Well, I’m cooked now and it’s all because of you. And you know what? You’re going to help me pay it back.

Woman: Okay, I’ll go look for a job tomorrow. I’m sure the café down the street is going to hire me. They’re looking for some people.

Man: Café? No, I’m sorry, baby. That’s not going to cut it.

Woman: What do you want me to do? I’m not qualified for anything else.

Man: I can get you in at Pix.

Woman: The strip joint? No, I don’t think so. I’ll find something else.

Man: You’re going to do what I tell you to do. Sorry, babe. You know, I didn’t mean that. I’m just under a lot of pressure right now because I have to come up with a lot of money really fast. And Pix, you know, they pay $500 a night and it will only be for a little while, I promise. Could you do it, for me…because you love me? What do you think? Will you do it for me?

Woman: I guess, yeah, okay.

[Scene of women walking up stairs and into a strip club.]

[Man lounging on a couch and playing guitar. Woman walks in.]

Man: Where the hell have you been? You missed two check-ins. You’re supposed to call every hour.

Woman: I’m sorry. I forgot.

Man: Well, that’s not good enough. You know the rules.

[Woman throws a wad of money on the couch. Man counts it.]

Man: That’s only a thousand. You’re supposed to bring back $1500. [Snaps his fingers pointing to the door]

[Scene outside of a motel. The woman is being led by another man to a room. He opens the door and leads her inside. The door closes behind them.]

[Scene of woman sitting on the ground outside the motel room. She looks at her face in a compact mirror. Her face is bruised. She checks her phone. She has 37 text messages. One says, “Where r u? U missed ur check-in.”]